Serenity, The Mallows and The Willows: the three residential settings for our girls are warm and welcoming homes for girls who need care between 38 and 52 weeks a year (see our latest school Ofsted report).

Serenity accommodates up to 6 girls, each having their own bedroom with an en suite bathroom. The modern home is set 9 acres of grounds on the outskirts of Southampton; with horses and alpacas in the paddocks. As well as a range of indoor and garden activities, the young people are encouraged to access local community provision for social and leisure activities. Older girls are supported to take on work experience or weekend jobs.

The Mallows accommodates up to 5 girls, each with their own bedroom. This modern home is warm, containing and well provisioned for play and activity on site. Set in a discreet and quiet cul-de-sac the home is just a couple of miles from Serenity and The Serendipity School.

The Willows accommodates up to 4 girls, each with their own en suite bedroom. The Willows provides a safe environment for the young people to flourish, realise their full potential and discover their own identity at their own pace.

The care provision can offer assessment, targeted development and integrated support helping young people to fulfil their potential as they grow into young adults and take their place in the wider community. An experienced staff team keeps active links with the Education, Welfare and Therapy provisions to ensure a wraparound service. Contact with birth families is appropriately supported in a planned and sensitive way.

Serenity Statement of Purpose

Serenity Inspection Report

The Mallows Statement of Purpose

The Mallows Inspection Report

The Willows Statement of Purpose

The Willows Inspection Report

“Outcomes are outstanding”,Ofsted, 2016.